Swap Outlet in PS Ultimate Outlet

Hello all,

I've got a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet and was thinking of swapping the existing outlet(Power Port I assume) with a cryo Hubble outlet(Porter Port).

Waste of time? The Ultimate Outlet is currently before my Pre/Pro and CD/DVD player.

If you have a 15A standard (not High current) it doesn't have a power port. The High Current versions do use Power Ports. You won't see much if any difference between them and Porter Ports. Both are great. The Porter Port will best the outlet in the 15A standard version easily. I use both the Power Ports and Albert's Porter Ports. I also have both the 15A standard UO and the 20A High Current UO.
Marty, I would be willing to loan you a Porter Port to try in that position. If it helps you owe me $36.00. Otherwise you return it and owe nothing.
Albert-Thanks for the generous offer. I have two outlets left over from the original batch just kicking around. Just thinking of something to take apart and goof off with.

Slipknow-The unit I have is the HO version. Somehow I managed to end up with the wrong type of unit, technically I should have a 20 amp unit on the amp and a 15 amp for the pre/pro(heard somewhere the 15 amp sounded a touch better).

So I just plug the amp into the wall and leave it at that(Porter Port of course).

The added nickel plating of the PS Audio receptacle is a detriment, not an improvement, and Albert's offer is worth pursuing. The Porter Port, or a cryoed Hubbell 5262 or 5362 should be a major improvement over even the PS Audio Powerport, or any other receptacle (particularly if it's nickle plated) in the Ultimate Outlet.
I TOTALY AGREE with Hdm. The Porter Port (to my ears) will sound significantly better for the reason Hdm stated.
HI. I did what you want to do, in fact when Albert did his first run I took out the power port outlet and sent it to Albert and he included it in the process with all the other outlets he was doing. I also replaced the 5 outlets in my ExactPower EP-15A AC filter and the 2 is use for my dedicated line with Albert's outlets and can say they Made a huge difference in the Ultimate Outlet and ExactPower. These outlets provide a lot more detail and overall better presentation than I would have thought possible. They do take awhile to break in. I did mine on a cable burner. I would take Albert up on his offer you WILL not send it back I can guarantee that. I think they are that good. IMHO.
I would like to say thanks again to Albert it has been one of the best upgrades I have done!!
Deed is done: Anybody know what this stuff is on the back of the existing PS Audio Port?


Wow, mine didn't have that?? I had the High current 20 amp model with the power ports. I would email and ask them?
I would be curious to know myself.
They look like baby caps.
I have a new batch of Cryo Hubbells available, (also known as) Porter Ports. Anyone interested, just take a look here in Audiogon classified.

Yah, this might be a little late...

I used to have the Powerbar which has 3 PowerPorts if I remember correctly. I also have a single PorterPort in the wall with an Audio Magic Stealth Mini connected to it. I can't directly compare the two since the two ports are used in different ways, one being a wall outlet and the other in the Powerbar. However, as my system progressed, the Powerbar sticked out as a sore thumb as the weakest link. After I went with the PorterPorts and AudioMagic, I feel my taming of the bad AC is sufficed for now.

The difference between before and after is that with the Powerbar my system sounded chalky in the mids. After the PorterPorts, out goes the Powerbar and before the Stealth, the system sounds much more clear. I also chopped off a bit of wire that was in the wall and looked a bit corroded. So, that is a contributing factor as well.

The Stealth added a bit more detail and finesse to da system.

Hope this helps whoever else this helps.
I replaced the non-Power Port receptable with its FIM counterpart on my 15-amp Ultimate Outlet, which I plugged a Toshiba RPTV into. The improvement in clarity and color saturation was apparent.