Swap out 12bz7 in favor of 12ax7?

I've asked this question before, but maybe wasn't specific enough so I thought I'd try again. I have a Cary V12r amp which has two 12bz7 tubes in the signal path. I understand that the 12bz7's are a high-gain alternate to the 12ax7. The question is, in this amplifier, could I take out the 12bz7 tubes and replace them with the lower gain 12ax7 tubes? I know a fair number of A-Goners have switched from the 12ax7 to the 12BZ7 for the added gain but I'm looking for the the opposite. Any thoughts?

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Can you change the El84s to 7189's? A little less gain but usually a better sounding tube???
I found most 5751 tubes to be a little "dryer" or less tubey than 12ax7s. Let me see what I have laying around for you.
Did you ask him about 7189 instead of EL84?