Swap Mono amps Left for Right

I had to disassemble my system and momentarily forgot which amp was previously left and which was right. I put them in swapped and I was much happier with the presentation. I think it may have something to do with my odd shaped room and maybe a different output level for the two amps? Not sure but I'm happy. Anyone try a swap just to see what would happen?
If both mono amps, (of any make) are biased correctly and matched as a pair, it should make no difference in sound.
Are the amps the same make and model? If so, then it's not indicative of a bias issue. The sound stage will seem to migrate to the right channel when the amps are not the same regardless which is biased higher ime. Could be you had a dirty or poor ic contact and just reinstalling cleared it. Re-swapping will reveal that.
If they are the same amps it should make no difference. Are you sure the polarity and speaker tap hookup are the same? Swap them back and see what results you get!
I leave my systems powered on except during thunderstorm season. I have read that during break-in of any component, powering it off for 30 minutes will re-align the molecular structure, and I think I experience this phenomenon where the sound is improved after the system is powered up again. If this is actually true, then it might also enhance systems that are already broken in and left powered on for long periods of time.
The improvement in sound is more than likely attributed to a cleaner interconnect connections. Simply disconnecting and reconnecting a connection will clean it and improve conductivity.

I agree with what both Arnettpartners and BRF say.

Try reversing the monos back the way the were and let us know the results.
See now what you've gone and done. Out in the audiophile universe tonight, how many are staring intently at their mono blocks and seriously considering switching them from one side to the other.