Swans Swan D2.1SE and M1

Has anyone heard the Swan D2.1SE or the M1 bookshelf speakers? I have the Swans PC speakers and the sound is excellent.
Hi Neilmc,

I won a pair and love how they sound in my second system. Please venture over to AVSforum's speaker link http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/forumdisplay.php?f=89 to get more infomation about them. If after reading other's comments you would like more information, I will be happy to respond here or through PM's.
I heard them last night. I am astounded by how good they sound for their price. A friend of mine was shopping for speakers in the $4K to $7K price range. He listened extensively to many speakers. After hearing how great they were (from the AVS forum thread listed above), he demo'd a pair thinking there was a 99% chance he was going to return them. He told me that he had bought a new pair of speakers but withheld just what he bought. He set them up over another friends home and I listened (blindly I might add). first to the Swan 2.1's for 2 songs, then to B&W Nautilus 803's. Within 5 seconds after swithing to the B&W Nautilus 803's, it was clear that I preferred the Swan's. Although the B&W Nautilus 803's did go noticeably deeper into the bass, the Swan's outclassed them in every respect. And, here I was thinking that I was listening to 2 pairs of speakers in the $5K range! It was not until well after that he told me that they retailed for $899. And, I have generally been a B&W fan over the years. In general, I am very skeptical of reviews in general. 99% of them are glowing for whatever is being reviewed. For the record, I have no connection to Swan and I don't even own a pair. In closing, I will simply state that these speakers are worth a listen even if you are looking to spend up to $6-8K. If you wind up savinging a small fortune, great, upgrade something else with the $$ you just saved.
I have the D2.1SE and love them. I'm driving them with my 100wpc (class A) Audire Parlando & Adcom GFP-750 (passive) with a Denon 1650AR cdp and the sound is fantastic. I also run a sub of my own design but you might be plenty happy without one. Great value. Highly recommended.
Imagine if those D2.1SE's were a pair of F2.2F's,the 803's would be gone and there would be no thought of the 800D's all for under $6k.Yeah the D2.1SE is a great little standmounter with nice upper 30's bass,they are Dynaudio like,they need a lot good clean power to come alive,they are my favorite under $1k standmounter.