swans ribbon speakers?

Swans is a speaker company that was referred to me by someone but has anyone out there ever heard one of there speakers? They make and sell complete systems and also sell raw ribbon drivers ( $90 ) how good do they sound or any other opinions, I'm looking to build a small speaker with a 6 inch woofer and a ribbon tweeter, tell me what you think? I have a Audio Refinement amp and a Marantz cd player with a MBS Dac link3 with nordost blue heaven wires and interconnects, thanks Nick
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I've heard/owned the M1s and liked them quite a bit. The tweeter is smooth, airy, and detailed. Go for it!
I built a set with 8" mid woofers and a ribbon tweeter some years ago and was in love with them. You get more bang for your buck then any other type speaker that I know of. Thay do have at least one drawback that I can think of. When I built mine I was a bench tech. at the store that I bought them from. We had several people that bough the tweeters and brought them back shreaded. It seams thay tried to run them without the proper xover or at to high of a power leavel. You will love them if you take care to stay within the peramators that thay are designed for. Last year mine gave out and I am thinking of replacing the tweaters. I found some at a site that I linked to from steriophile? e-mag. I have the address at home and will post it later. thay had them starting at $40.00 each for ones rated at 20 watts continuses. have fun. RG Knaak
You might also want to look at zalytron.com. Several kits with ribbon tweeters.
miami-a1a again. www.partsexpress.com has ribbon speakers allthough the $40.00 ones seam to have been sold out.