Swans M200 died - don't want to replace with same

Not because they weren't nice speakers, but because I've been having a heck of a time trying to get any response from Swans for a service request.

I found a couple of months ago that they failed, or at least on the verge of failing. I started getting noise out of both speakers, sounding like a loud, grainy hum that doesn't change much with a change in volume. Sound is the same whether the signal cable from my source is hooked up or not. I'm assuming something has gone wrong with the built in amp. Since that time I've emailed or called Swans a bunch of times and have not gotten any response. Given the price of these speakers and the fact they're out of warranty (but really not that old) I'm just giving up on the company. They're remaining value to me does not warrant any further effort.

I'd like to replace them with an alternate active speaker, similar in size (so they'll fit on my stands) and at least as good sound wise. But, as important is knowing I'll be able to get reliable service if it's ever needed. I'd like to stay below $500. Needs to accept RCA inputs.
I own the M2000s, which I agree are pretty good. They don't see heavy use, but I've had them for 5 years trouble free.

Based on press, I've recommended Audioengine to people who have been quite happy.

I see that Focal also now has a monitor in category.

I had the impression the Audioengine A5 did not have quite the same range as the M200, but I guess I should check out the specs.
While they might be hard to source a pair of Quad 11L Active speakers would not only be a sonic upgrade but also have excellent support.
I've been very happy w my NHT M00s.
i thought speakers rarely get spoiled? - I guess i am wrong.