swans m200

Does anybody have any experience with the little swans powered mini-monitors? I am shopping for sound for new PC. Top on the list was a small pair of B&W like LM1s or such and then I saw the swans and was curious.
Contact Audiogon member underwoodwally. underwoodwally@aol is his e-mail. I bought a pair of Swans from him and I am very satisfied. Remember when you compare to LM1s that Swans are active (powered), LM1s are not. Drop me an email if you want more information.

Brady Broussard
Toddsims -- I, too, was intrigued by the Swan M200. Did you buy/try them? If so, what do/did you think of their sound quality, etc? I would use them as the speakers in a moderately hi-fi system in a small apartment, not as computer speakers.

Kinsey Haffner