Has anyone heard these speakers?I have a friend ready to order.I would at least like to find out something about them for him.Anyone seen a review at least? Of course the manufacturer claims they sound like $6000 speakers!
BTW they list for $1295.00
My neighbor recently bought the Diva 5.1s. I was very impressed. Very good build quality, cosmetics, and sound. I don't think I've heard a $2k speaker that sounded this good. Also, his room is HUGE!! 25 foot tall ceilings and 25 x 35 feet. To my amazement these speakers filled it quite nicely, (mind you he's listening mostly to easy jazz) The AV123 policy is to try them for 30 days. I say go for it--worst case your friend is out shipping charges. My guess is, however, he doesn't send them back.
from my carefully structured listening position, head bent about 20 deg. forward, 6 deg. off-axis, my review of the swans is: true to their name--sound as if neck being tied into knot, entirely involuntarily.