Swan M200 PC speakers???

Looking to replace my cheap 3 piece altec lansing pc speakers. Since they came with the buy price I got them but the sound is not to my taste and I am looking for a more suitable "audiophile" type of speakers for my listening enjoyment. I came across of the Swan M200? Any thoughts on this brand?
I have a pair those speakers that I used with an iPod while traveling. They were a great bargain for the price, and sounded damn good, but the op-amp went bad in one of mine. I wonder if there is an inexpensive way to fix'em? Other than that, I'd recommend them highly. I think you can still get a pair for around $200 at newegg.com

I have, and enjoy, a pair of M200s in my study ($150 usd, used, here on the gon). They do not play very loud, but I find them to be quite "musical," and I have made no attempt to tweak the basic iTunes software. I expect many would find them to compare pretty favorably to a modest bookshelf system; my previous study speakers were Rocket ELTs ($300 new/80 used here), and the M200s don't suffer too much in comparison. I think they make for a *very* high value second system for a small study, bedroom, a dorm room, etc., played to sane volumes. (Great for one's kid, I'd bet, if the kid already has a computer.) I recommend them to my graduate student friends, and others with serious budget constraints. So far, no reliability issues with mine, though they see light use. They come with cheap cabling: has anyone tried upgrading?

I note that Swan has a new model, the 200A, found on audioinsider. Anyone have experience with it? Quite a bit pricier, at $450, which may be high enough to make other options, like a used conventional system, more salient. However, to my eye they are much better looking than the original 200s, which have an "old school" wood and black mdf look that seems a funny choice for boxes that are likely to sit next to modern computer gear.