Swan label and the Beatles

I was cleaning out my parents basement and ran across a boxful of 45s. I guess between myself and my siblings there were over 1000. One that I thought was perculiar was a Beatles' single on the Swan label, was this unusual?? Also there were a couple on the Vee-Jay label as well. Of course the majority were on Capitol. Plus there were many 4X4s(why they were called that I do not remember because there were only two songs per side). Were they rare??? any info would be greatly appreciated.
The black and silver Swan lables are not rare, but the white and red could be. All have some decent value. I have a black/silver "She Loves You/I'll Get You". It has some small value. Not sure about the VeeJays or the 4x4.
VeeJay is a Chicago label that released the first U.S. Beatles album (Introducing The Beatles) before a similar version was released on Capitol as...huh...what the hell was it called again?? Oh yeah..."Meet The Beatles" (I'm used to the UK titles these days). I'm sure those singles will be worth more than the average Capitol single, but I don't know if that would mean $5, $10, $20, or $100. There must be a website detailing values of Beatles albums out there somewhere...you might want to try doing a google search on the label and catalog number.
Borders has a book on the value of collectible 45s, this particular one had a value of $60. the VeeJays about $20. Most of the others of the 1000 45s about 1-4 dollars each.