swan divas 5.1

I was recently in a pawn shop and ran across a pair Swans Divas 5.1 that appeared to be in great condition. I never heard these speakers, nor do I know anything about them. I placed them on hold until I could find out some info on them. I would like to use them in a 2 channel setup with my tube equipment. If anyone out there know anything about these speakers,please help me out.I guess some of the question I want to ask is, How accurate are they, and if hey would be ok for the type application i want to use them for?
I found a link that might help you decide
How much are they asking for them?
They were asking 400, I got them down to $250
If you will please review my post MANCAVE,If will give you an idea of what I'm considering them for.
It's an ad. How is that going to help him decide?

I thought some specs might be helpful.
If you can get them for $250 I think it is worth the risk