Swan Diva Speakers

Is anyone familiar with the Swan Speakers advertised here on Audiogon? How would you describe the sound and what other speakers would you compare them with?
Never heard them but a few years ago it was THE hot speaker at the avsforum. Then it was the rockets;then it was ---. What is refered to as 'flavor of the month'.
My 2.1's sounded terrible. Very harsh and break in didn't help. I returned them after two weeks. I got sucked in by the great looks.
Swan Diva's are ok, but to my ears the best Swan speaker ever made was the "Cygnus" in its revised form. It was built in Canada at that time with a beautiful Rosewood cabinet, top quality crossover, kevlar mid range x2 and an accutron inverted cone tweeter. Woofer fired internally through a tuned port. Built like a tank and just as heavy. I have a friend who still has a pair and drives them with mid powered tubes to pleasant listening levels in a 20' x 30'x 30' vaulted ceiling great room. If you can locate a pair audition them.