Swan California Series - Anyone Know About These??

I'm curious if any of your are familiar with Swans new California Series speakers? I really like the looks of several of the models. Seem to cater to many decors, this would seem to please many in regards to the WAF.

Curious to components used in these. I see these look a great deal like Dynaudio drivers, however, I would doubt that be the case given their price points.

Anyone with any experience with this product line or care to chime in on other series of Swan speakers?


Swans of Hi-Vi Research/Dulcet is the Dynaudio of Canada [but no financial or business connection beyond the looks of their drivers]. They roll their own in their various factories [including East Asia]. I don't know if they utilize the Canadian speaker testing facilities or not.

I'm unfamiliar with their new line but their other designs are wonderful. I sold a friend a pair of Dulcet 2.1s a few years back. Rather ugly, formica!-fininshed cabinetry, but resonances approach zero, a very solid/inert package. They still sound quite good, even in a modest set up with ~25 watts/ch on tap. These were the bottom of the line when produced 8-10 years ago. And, yes, the woofer has a large, vented dustcap covering a large diameter voice coil like Dynaudio and Morel. Did they copy Dynaudio? Who knows? Are the results positve? All signs point to yes!

Some of the offerings seem quite formidable, esp at 44k! But as a company, I would expect good sound from everything they make. The multi-media stuff looks kinda cool also.
I never was a big fan of the Diva's, but the new Classic series seems to have improved upon their looks for the better. Not sure of how they sound, I'm sure they are pretty decent.

I'm more curious about the California home Theater Series, the F models to be exact, they sure look very nice with their look-a-like Dyaudio dust caps and their ribbon tweeters.....pretty sweet looking.

Not real sure on the price as the web site seems to be mis-leading. I did a dummy order on their web site on one of their theater packages that totalled $3500 and it calculated shipping being greater than the price of the speakers?..hmm? Not sure if that's a bug in their program or what.