Swan 2.1 owners ?

Wondering what the owners of these speakers think about them in a home theater system mains rolled off at 80hz.I use a bunch of B&K ST-140's.Thanx
I was also looking at the Swan line as part of my reserach for my new HT, and I am unable to find any real reviews. It doesn't help that the product is not available through any of the local dealers. The only reviews I was able to find are referenced at the audioadvisor site, and I have to tell you they sound (read:) like a thinly disguised advert for the line. For example one of the reviewers states that the Swan coupled with the P-1 conditioner (also available through AA)sound as good as another highly regarded speaker, but does not mention the name. Now have you ever read a bona fide review where the reviewer is reluctant to name the competition? Right! They may be good sound speakers, but unless I hear them, I'm gonna have to pass.
I own a pair of Swan 2.1's and they are outstanding speakers. The fit and finish is far beyond what I thought they would be and after about 120 hours they sound incredible. I had a friend bring over his 805 Nautilus signatures and we did an a b comparison. Although the 805N's sound ever so slightly more detailed in the bass the highs and mids are quite comparible. I sold a pair of 802 matrix series III with the plan of getting 802 Nautilus'. I bought the Swans to tide me over but I have now added a sub and I'm staying put. You can not buy a beter speaker for the price I'm truly blown away.. BTW I took them apart and the quality inside is just as good as the out side. They even ship with two white cotton gloves so when you unpack them you don't get fingerprints on the piano grade black laquer finish. Top shelf stuff....

-Rodd C.
Try 3dSounsurge for a review
of course, the only real way to eval speakers is by hearing, and then you need to set them up correctly as they'll sound very different in your home compared to the showroom unless set up... but you're probably familiar with those details
From their review I'm no longer frustrated at not finding a set of Monsoon 1000's.
The worst speaker I have had in my house by far. They were much to grating and bright to my ears. I had them two weeks and sent them back for a full refund. Replaced them with Renaud Twins and rejoiced. I was fooled by the price and Sonus Faber looks. I'm refering to the ones with the tweeter on top of the cabinet not the ring radiator used now. Take this as one mans opinion because the second worst speaker I've had in my house is the Newform Research R630 and some people love them.