SVS vs. Velodyne?

I'm new to the moderate to higher end HT scene. I bought a HT in a box for my Mits DLP and it failed miserably.I was at Tweeter looking at some upgrades and was impressed with the Velodyne DLS3750 and he SPL1000(although I don't know if either will be large enough for my application, my living room is 12x24). A friend of mine then told me about SVS subs. He never heard one personally, but he sells a fair amount of equipment on this site and told me how everybody here raves about them. This sub will more than likely be coupled with a set of Polk RTI series speakers and all hooked into a Denon 2805 or 3805 receiver. I suspect with this upgrade I will be blissfully enjoying an equal amount of music and movies. I'm not looking to spend buckets of money yet (no more than $600 for a sub). Any constructive input for the FNG would be greatly appreciated.
Which SVS model are you looking at? A friend of mine runs two of the SVS passive "garbage can" looking ones with Polk RT800s (pretty sure thats the model) and a Denon 3803 in a large finished basement. Probably a similar set up to yours eh?

My opinion...the SVS subs are great at high SPL output but are not musical subs by any means. If your looking to pressure the room and want BOOM, SVS is fine. Most of the Velodyne subs would most likely trade a bit of output for sound quality. Depends on what your looking for.
Tweeter's has the Mirage Omni 12 (300 watts/1200 dynamic) on sale for 4499(LIST $799).
Sorry , $499 for Mirage
Martin Logan Dynamo subwoofer. Musical, small, affordable.

NHT SW10II. High output. Affordable. Good for HT.
I recently installed a pair of the big SVS's in a customer's dedicated theatre and agree w/Dlwask that they have a very dominate sound -- too dominate for my tastes. My recommendation is Velodyne or, better yet, a used REL Strata w/the black finish. Good luck.
I have a SVS PB2 ISD, that I paid about $900 for a year ago. I use it in a dedicated home theater room. (The dimensions are about 14 x 25.) I love it for movies and xbox games. Output is more than adequate for room size. Goes very low. You can tighten the sound by plugging ports, but sacrifice some low end extension. The physical dimensions are quite large, so be sure you have room to physically place it.

I really don't listen to music in my theater room as I have a separate two channel system.
sure, SVS! :)
have listened to Velo 15 at different places, but it just can't beat my SVS PB12-ISD2!