SVS vs REL and experiences with both: your comments and preferences...

I’ve owned SVS and now own REL but just wondering who has had both and would care to share your experiences between the two. They seem to both have great advertising but a much different approach to it . Customer service is top notch too.  They both to me seem to have tons of reviews and getting awards......Thoughts.....

I bought a very big sub from them 15+ years ago for HT. I think it was the SVS PB12-NSD/2. I live in Ohio so i picked it up. I had it for a few years, it was hard to tune in, because of the two styro foam plugs. The driver developed a problem and I thought I could get it serviced. Nope. They really didn’t want to touch it. They wanted for me to buy a new sub. I inquired about buying the driver and replacing it myself. Nope. Sold it at a garage sale for next to nothing owch! Years later I visited a stereo/home theater store looking for stereo subwoofers. They told me they had problems when SVS was accepted as a brand. SVS was still selling direct to consumer and were giving better prices??? Not a great business model. Long story short, not a big fan of SVS. Right now, I am a fan of Rythmik subs for music.


Interesting. When you inquired about the replacement driver from them, what was their response? Perhaps it's not available anymore and since SVS subs are not very costly, the cost of getting a new sub may be more practical than repairing the old one. Either way, your experience seems to suggest that after-sales support is less than satisfactory.


Yeah when I bought that sub, it was many years ago. I don't think they made those drivers anymore but they could have sold me an updated one? SVS has really taken off since then, the company has gotten bigger. The visit to the stereo/HT store was just about 4 years ago. And the fact they undercut he retail store was actually more troublesome to me. I really couldn’t buy a sub from them now....


I take delivery of a pair of S510's tomorrow. I've been researching placement for the best two channel audio. Where mine are likely to go is similar to your placement. But, I've read conflicting suggestions on whether the REL's should go on an ARC flush with the mains, slightly in front or slightly behind. I noticed yours are slightly behind.

Did you play around with the other two options? Any placement tips?





The placement of my subs follows the guidelines recommended by REL. There is no room to place the subs inside of the speakers, with others subs I have tried front firing placement and placing the subs opposite to one another.....  I think they sound best, in my room, as shown. I did snap some  pictures and asked REL if they thought anything needed to be adjusted and they said the subs are well placed.

One big difference is adding proper room treatments,  I am still working on this, but have notice smoother bass.

I hope you enjoy your  RELs, and wish you happy listening.