SVS vs REL and experiences with both: your comments and preferences...

I’ve owned SVS and now own REL but just wondering who has had both and would care to share your experiences between the two. They seem to both have great advertising but a much different approach to it . Customer service is top notch too.  They both to me seem to have tons of reviews and getting awards......Thoughts.....
I've had the REL R505, and REL R528 in the past and about a year ago moved off a REL G1 mkII  to a pair of SVS SB4O00's.
I'm  stunned how great the SVS subs are. Easy to set up, the app is very good. No way would I go back to RELs.
The SVS have more impact, detail, and faster. 
I have two REL S2 SHO’s and I love them.  I really like their high level connection technology because they play like additional woofers.