SVS Ultra Towers, Triton 2 or Triton 3

Looking to move from my Spendor 1/2s and am looking at these three speakers for two channel audio. Driving with a Rogue Tempest Magnum, VPI Scoutmaster with Benz Ebony Cartridge and Rega Jupiter CD player. Anyone with feedback? Thanks!
I read a pretty recent review where the Triton 2 and 3 were compared. The reviewer preferred the smaller 2 because of better image. I would love to hear these, but based on the review, and I have read many of that reviewer's remarks, I would go with Triton 2. I think the UT from SVS would be a completely different way to go, no advice on that. I am lusting for their SB-13 Ultra compact subs. Have fun!
What sonic characteristics are important to you, and what are you looking to improve upon from the Spendors?