SVS Subwoofer Isolation feet. Will I lose bass?

Most of what I see about subwoofer isolation has to do with minimizing rattles or bothering the neighbors.  But what about a sealed subwoofer on a concrete slab?  Would these dampeners not "dampen" the bass as well?

My setup...  Dual SVS SB16s on a concrete slab.  I don't have a rattle problem and the room is 20ft tall so I can't afford to "lose" bass because of my shakey rubbery feet.  

I've read and seen many great things about these but I have a hunch it would hurt a sealed sub on a slab more than help.

Unless you've invented anti-gravity there's no such thing as isolation. What we have instead is vibration control. And you're right, shakey rubbery feet will damp vibration, sucking up energy and causing you to lose bass.  

Not very much however. Most all of these things work great because they work at midrange to treble frequencies where the ear is extremely sensitive even to micro-amplitude effects. All you have to do is squish one to see the most you can compress it is a very small amount. Its measured in hundredths of an inch. Then you look at the amplitude swing of a woofer, its measured in inches. You don't have to be a rocket surgeon to know they're not gonna have a whole lot of effect on a sub, one way or anther.

Audiophiles however are not even up to the level of rocket surgery. So expect a lot of different answers.
I thought you promised to spend some time in the library, mc. By their nature springy iso stands ARE anti-gravity devices. Hel-loo! The best performance for a sub would be place it on a set of springs. Awesome bass! Goes lower and more dynamics. You can forget everything else.
I added the SVS feet under my 3 subs on a tile over slab floor. I had a problem with things on the walls and shelves rattling when the lowest notes were played at moderate volume. The feet solved that problem. Whatever the reduction in bass was is offset by less rattles and more definition in the bass.
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There's a YouTube vid I watched from a guy last night who did some measurements but I wasn't quite convinced I understood what he was saying.. He has a PB4000 (ported)..  Ran REW both ported and sealed with the SVS feet.  According to the chart, it appeared (again I'm not sure what I saw because it was like 2am) that they made almost no measureable difference while ported, but significant decline in output when sealed.

When he explained it, it made sense given theres much less cabinet pressure to move when ported.

Just wondering yall's opinions.