SVS subs for music?

I want a sub that will sound tight for music but will also rattle the walls for HT.

I have been reading the reviews for these subs and they sound like they are amazing for HT.

How are they for music?

I should be able to help.

Recently (a week ago) I purchased a 25-31PCi mainly for HT purposes. As you surmised, it is AMAZING for HT. Plopped LOTR into the DVD player and the hairs on the back of my neck were standing at attention. 12" driver and 325 watt amplifier. Very impressive. Very clean. And this is the 'runt' of the powered cylinder line at 32" tall and 16" in diameter.

For music, I ran RCA interconnects from my Plinius 8100's preouts straight to the SVS. Turned the crossover down to about 50hz which seems to match my JMlab Cobalt 816's. Have been working at calibration using Stereophile's Test CD which has a nice frequency sweep. Lots of trial and error required.

Conclusion: the SVS is a very powerful piece of equipment that excels for HT but works well for music. I'm still tweaking the gain setting (currently down to about 25%) but I've been very pleased with the results. For example, the complicated drum line and bass guitar on Zenyatta Mandatta (Police) now sounds amazing. Very tight. The SVS sounds like it's barely breaking a sweat. No plans to return the unit; I'm a happy camper.

SVS has a 45-day return policy so I'd recommend an audition/comparison. You could email their tech support with any detailed questions ... I did and the company founder got right back to me.
Try the Hsu VTF-3, excellent sub for music & HT.

Good Luck
Thanks for all of the input.

Looks like I may be leaning towards the SVS or the HSU, but I'm not sure yet.
Nobody has mentioned VMPS. Great bargains for the money as has been known for years and will do music and HT quite well. Check out the VMPS forum at Not too many subs can out do the Larger VMPS. These are passive so will require a separate amp but at 700 bucks for the larger with a used power amp you're not going to get much if any better for the dough and quite possibly not as good. VMPS's bass has been praised by owners and reviewers since the 80's as some of the best bass for your dollar available. Cheers
Adire( ) or ACI( ).