SVS sub owners, Past and Present

I’d like to hear from (like the title states) SVS owners,past and present about what you DIDN’T like about the subs.  That’s correct,I’m looking for any issues you had with this brand of subs.  I am thinking about making a purchase,( I’m well aware of their generous return policy), but instead of hearing all the praise, let’s get to the nitty gritty.  With all due respect,I’m not looking for opinions, I’m only looking to hear from real live,hands on owners.  

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So,a little update since I’ve had some time to get acquainted with the SB 2000 pros. I’ve had them with the same settings,and positioning for about four days now. I originally had them about 40% down the long wall from the front,facing each other. This probably would have worked great for home theater,not so much for music. I then slid them down the wall further,and back towards the front wall. The closer to the front wall,and farther from my seating position,the better things get. I now have them behind my speakers, closer to the center. This seems to be the sweet spot. It has been suggested to run some programs to get a “picture” of my room modes. I am a caveman. I’m not afraid to admit that. I actually enjoy playing with settings,and location to suit my ears.

Now,on to the subs. I don’t have a ton of experience with many different brands or models. The HSU’s I’ve been running carried me down the road in this hobby,but I knew it was time to step up to the next level, and I feel the SVS’s have definitely done that. On top of the bass frequencies going much lower, these are just so much tighter. I didn’t realize how flabby the STF-1’s were until hearing these. I was going to run the HSU’s in the rear,and have a “swarm” to smooth out the bass. At this point,I’m very please at what I’m hearing from the only seat in the room. Besides,I moved the three HSU’s into the Pit, the STF’s are helping with home theater duty, and the big HSU (see what I did there?) is handling music duty. For music,when you move around the room,yes the bass is very location dependent. That’s ok,I’m the only one that does 2 channel listening,and it is great in that location.
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Glad you got the sub you wanted and the sound you wanted. This HIFI and audio game has its ups and downs, but it's really fun when it sounds good. Sometimes it takes a little while, a small adjustment or struggle ... then the plan comes together.

Two SB13 ultras here.

No complaints; good value, good bass.

As good as the JL F113? No, but they were about 1/3 the cost.

Very fast, but maybe missing just that last bit of extension vs. the ported box.

Personally, I would not have one of the SVS 16" versions. Just me. Good luck.