SVS Speakers or Something Else? Absolutely Newbie.

I’m looking for 7.1 speakers for my home theatre and budget is $2000. Since I know very little about speakers, receiver, etc. I went to seek help.


People suggested SVS Prime bookshelf speaker (I asked for bookshelf since wife does not like those big ones), SVS Prime satellite speakers SVS Prime center speakers and Hsu research VTF-2 MK5 subwoofer.


Then I saw a post of SVS and Their Marketing Practices at Head-Fi forum:


Is SVS a brand I can trust or shall I start looking for something else?




Vandersteen (Vandy) or Elac. Consider a REL subwoofer.
Happy Listening!
Life is short buy what sounds good to you and deal with it .
Get the Elac B5 instead. 7 speakers for $700, another $200 for subwoofer. Then get a $500ish reciever (denon or onkyo) + bulk mogami speaker cable (cut them to length, use them raw). You’ll have a killer setup.

Edit: actually, you still need speaker stands. But you can DIY them for cheap.
gdnrbob, cedargrover, jafant and coli: Vandy is too expensive to me. Maybe I should try Elac. They got some interesting products. I'm considering Denon receiver. Don’t have time for speaker stands so I’ll buy some.

biglou13: the issue is I’m newbie and don’t know which one sounds good.
Andrew Jones speakers (Elac debut/uni-fi) makes everything sound good. Even his super cheap Pioneer speaker BS22 shows this quality.

Btw, concrete block from Home Depot makes great speaker stands. just epoxy glue two of them together and the height is perfect. The blocks costs like $2 each....