svs-sb-1000 vrs. rel t zero

which sub would work better with a rega brio and dali ikon speakers in smaller living room set up- thanks for your response.
I can't comment on the Rel ,but I had the SVS and it is an outstanding sub. It has a small footprint and many hookup options.
the svs sub doesnt really color the tone it just gives a nice tight bottom that also smooths out the highs a bit?
The end result will depend on how well you can setup the sub and integrate it with your main speakers AND your room.

I assume you will be running your main speakers full range and using speaker level connections. That approach is the hallmark of REL. However, SVS is probably a better value.
any thoughts about using a dali sub since I have dali ikon 2 speakers?
I know of no advantage of using a sub from the same manufacturer as your main speakers. I think it's much wiser to buy a sub from companies that specialize in subs -- Paradigm is one exception that comes to mind.
With the REL you'll have to work more to get it right. Whereas the SVS/Hsu aren't as particular. In other words the REL won't go as deep w/o proper placement.