Svs, Rel, or ?.

I going to buy a pair of subs to use with my Dynaudio XD200 wireless speakers for music. 


I can put a sub by each speaker and want to keep the size down as much as possible. Medium sized room, the signal for the sub is from a Blusound Node. I’m not a bass head, but appreciate tight, tuneful bass. 


The Svs micro is interesting to me, but I’ve read favorable reviews for Rel through the years, especially for music. Unfortunately, there are no speaker outputs for the Rel, just the Node output. (I’m not sure how critical the speaker outputs are to the Rel’s ability to blend with main speakers.)

Svs micro vs Rel T5i, what are your opinions? 

Other compact sub recommendations are welcome.




Try a pair of the svs micro’s.  The phone app will be useful.  If you don’t like them, send them back and go bigger or you could try the kef kc62 as well!

I got the SVS Micro 3000 after my beloved sub from MJ Acoustics died, which was a very musical sub. The SVS is very capable of moving air so don't let its small size fool you. The SVS has a really cool phone app that makes dialing in the sub easy.

The Svs seems like the best option from the responses. Thanks for all the input!



I bought a pair of Rythmik F12SE’s. For me, a tough decision when pitted against the SVS 4000’s. I decided to save the money difference.