Svs, Rel, or ?.

I going to buy a pair of subs to use with my Dynaudio XD200 wireless speakers for music. 


I can put a sub by each speaker and want to keep the size down as much as possible. Medium sized room, the signal for the sub is from a Blusound Node. I’m not a bass head, but appreciate tight, tuneful bass. 


The Svs micro is interesting to me, but I’ve read favorable reviews for Rel through the years, especially for music. Unfortunately, there are no speaker outputs for the Rel, just the Node output. (I’m not sure how critical the speaker outputs are to the Rel’s ability to blend with main speakers.)

Svs micro vs Rel T5i, what are your opinions? 

Other compact sub recommendations are welcome.




The Svs opportunity to audition is pretty painless. The reviews seem positive as well, and I think I like being able to control the subs via my phone. 


I wondered if the Rel was as strong without the high level inputs. The input method is a talking point in most reviews I’ve read, at least regarding music. 


I have not considered JL Audio. I’ll look them up. 

Rythmik servo if you want the best for a decent price. Sealed servo will last through every speaker selection you ever make for a LONG time.

1. Rythmik (GR is pretty big so that out)

2. SAT (my bass system)

3. JL (they use to have a few issues. The fancy plate amp would take a crap)

4.SVS (Bullet Proof)

5. Swarm (Duke)

6. Debra (James Romney (sp))

7. DBA (Distributed bass array)

8. VMPS columns (to big, out of business, and VERY rare)

9-99. anything including kids cars.

100. REL Great paint, 70-80s (old pre school tech) If they would hire me I'd fix their 50 year old tech (taken from VMPS) and stop backing screws out of the sheetrock at the neighbors house.

They may have correction in their plate amps now, but they didn't before. I can say the plates they use are tough A/B amps and cheap to buy in quantity. Seldom do their products fail. BIG plus. They also have to be coupled to the floor. BUT there is a 20.00 usd fix for that. Did I mention they have great paint?


Very happy with Rythmik. Purchased very easily and with great communication via Ascend Acoustics. I also have a REL, which I like.

If I had to choose between them, I prefer the Rythmik to the REL. In my opinion, there is a lot to do to make subs work smoothly in a room. The lack of adjustable phase all but a few expensive models of REL make the Rythmik much much easier to dial in. They have other adjustable features, too, which the REL lack. The fact that they are servo controlled also impresses some folks, but I don't know enough to say that that particular engineering difference from the REL is an advantage.

I appreciate your expertise and feedback, thanks for taking the time to help!


The Rythmik subs are larger than I’d prefer, and JL Audio is a little more than I’d like to spend. I have a couple of larger subs now, but they visually dominate the space. (I use them for home theater in another room.)


I’m leaning toward the Svs micro unless I’m missing something. 

@trianglezerius   any other opinions you’d like to add? Any pros or cons I need to consider?


Thanks again!