SVS PC-4000 subwoofer (music only)...

I have owned a lot of different subwoofers over the years in various systems, both 2-ch and home theater.  I only do stereo setups now - not interested in theater anymore. Most times (depending a bit on he room), I would do a stereo sub setup.  I have owned various REL subs (which are nice, but expensive), various HSU models, Klipsch, B&W, PSB, etc.

If you have had experience with this particular SVS model... are they pretty good with music only? 

I love the fact that there is an app to control/adjust everything from the listening position and it seems like this monster would dig pretty deep.  I am looking for a sub that will really pressurize a room.... like real output below 20hz that will hammer the room.

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I had an earlier version of one of SVS's cylinder subs.  It was OK, but I couldn't get past how big and ugly it was.  I prefer sealed subs.  Unless footprint is really an issue, I'd look at one of SVS sealed subs, better yet, get at least 2, preferably 4.  For music, I'd look at Rythmik first.  For sheer output, take a look at Power Sound Audio (started by one of the founders of SVS).