SVS PB13Ultra-anybody have one? how good are they?

Are they competitive to a Paradigm Signature Servo or a JL Audio Fathom F113??? I really can't decide from the three....It seems the SVS goes lower(deeper) and louder due to a 3 port design, which is nice for a large room size. They are all nice in the black gloss, I do think the Signature Servo is in front in the asthetic departement. Price considering, the SVS seems the better buy for the dollar/performance. Anybody give me they're might help seeing as though where I live(Thunder Bay,On) We only have a Paradigm dealer and they don't stock a Signature Servo, and I haven't heard the SVS or JL...I haven't heard much JL Audio F113 detailed input besides the add hype and "It will blow you away" quotes...LOL.soon to upgrade..time is ticking...
I have a F113 for LFE only and love it. Keep in mind that you are getting great performance in a compact cabinet and I would say you pay a bit more for that. Some people will like the smaller package and choose that option as I did.

When I got the Fathom it was considered better than SVS offerings. But SVS updated their top efforts a few months later and I got the idea their best sub moved ahead of the F113 - in a much bigger box - but with a lower price.

The performance of either one works for me. check out if you really want to dig deep in HT subs.

I have the SVS PC13 Ultra, and I think it's fantastic.
Hey all....I have purchased the SVS PB13 Ultra(piano gloss black) and all I can say is "Holy Man". I watched Monsters INC(DTS) and I swear my couch lifted up at the scene where Sully and 1 eye are walking across the street and the big monster steps across. The foot stomp had tremendous impact, shock, and depth.I also noticed that when bass is needed its there and when its not its silent and very fast to respond. For music it was very tight and acurate and lots of volume for my 18 x 23 room. Asthetically the sub looks very elegant and rich with a seemless body to it. Anyways...The funny thing is, it still needs breaking in......AAA+++ SVS......I recommend this to anyone......

Bacardi......,given its name,it seems that your city should have lots of subwoofer offerings.

Thunder Bay

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Made Sterephile best list...nuff said.
Nice......Nice....... Mitch4t...LOL....and in regards to Mnnc's comment......I do see why it is 2 words..........."HOLY #@?%"..............

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