I have been looking at this SVS subwoofer. Anybody have one
that they care to share their thoughts? It is supposed to be in the same catagory as the DD Velodynes. Opinions??
I have a single Ultra, and I can tell you, unless you have a huge room, this thing can drain your sinuses. There is no question it is musical, that it why I bought it, but the suprise was with theater. What a delight. Mine plays loud down to 13 hz with the room coupling effect. I am sure the /2 would not only compete with the Velos, but probably beat them. And, the price is bargain.
Looking for a sub to go with my Legend speakers. What is a SVS PB12 ultra. Who makes them . Very interested. Thanks Steve
Here's the website SVS Subwoofers. For out right slam, authority and high SPL in HT their subs are hard to beat. I had a 16/46 CS plus powered by a 900 wpc Peavey amplifier. It could drain sinuses as well as cause your balance to be thrown off after a good action movie. Neither a friend or I could hardly walk after Saving Private Ryan. I can only imagine what the top model can do to the human body (probably cause bowel movements)!LOL

Honestly I don't think the Velo DDs can compete in the HT area.Musically they will probably pull ahead. There's always a compromise some where.