SVS PB 2000 VS Klipsch Synergy 12" subs

I am currently running a Klipsch Synergy 12" down firing sub. I am considering switching to a SVS PB 2000 12" front firing sub but have never had the chance to audition any SVS products.
Looking for opinions on the quality of SVS products and would love to hear from anyone who has had both of these subs.
The rest of my system consists of Yamaha Aventage 2050 A/V unit with PSB Image T55's in the front and rear with a C 40 center channel. 


IMO, a very easy choice.  PB2000 all day.

The SUB12 was a halfway decent sub at it's price point for HT a few years back but amp reliability issues plagued them.


I've owned an SVS 12" sealed sub years ago and I'm a big fan. Quality and customer service is top notch. I now own a pair of HSU 15" sealed subs and I highly recommend them. Depending on the size of your room and how loud you listen, you might want to consider a 15" sub.
+1 for Hsu, no experience with other two brands.  +4 for measurement tools, dsp and bass traps.