Svs new Ultra series speaker line.......

With the release of the new Svs Ultra series speaker line, can anyone comment and explain in detail any of the speakers qualities, build and characteristic comparisons to other brands.....thx
Review- SVSound Ultra centers, being used as fronts:

Original system…. Adcom GTP-600, Audiosource Amp-100, Klipsch Heresy II’s. By all accounts, a respectable 2-channel system.

Replaced Heresy’s with MBS-02’s. HUGE improvement.

Replaced my MBS-02’s with these Ultra centers. At first I thought they were only a little better. With advice from SVS, I replaced my Audiosource amp with a better one. I chose an Emotiva XPA-200. WOW, what a difference.

First sound through the system was from an old VH1 CD from the 90’s (lots of acoustics and vocals), then a couple of episodes of “Live from Darryl’s House”, Cee Lo Green and Rob Thomas. I did not think SVS could improve on the MBS-02’s THAT much. I was wrong.

Next, a movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Phenomenal. Again, just 2 channels, but what a pair of channels these are. Even at higher volumes, my Beautiful, significant other does not complain. She NEVER liked watching movies through my Klipsch. She would actually put in ear plugs because some of the sound would, according to her “spike”. She enjoyed the MBS’s more, but these…. I can play these louder and she doesn’t notice it is louder. No high-high’s or drop offs in midrange. The db level across the freq range is the flattest I have EVER heard.

Beautiful sound. Transparent. Musical, but still great for theater. I was always going to have two systems. One theater; one music. I don’t think that is necessary any more. In the long run I am going to save significantly. So I have convinced her that I can just add on to this one instead of having two systems. I also threatened to buy another pair of Klipsch.

Next step: One more Ultra center (It will be used in it’s intended position) and two of the Ultra surrounds. Emotiva’s 7.2 channel preamp(when it becomes available) and the appropriate power amps.

Final step will be two SVS subs. Gotta make that (.2) useful. I am not sure which two subs. I will burn that bridge when I get there.

Hope this helps you make that leap. Once you have true HI-FI in your home, your life is changed.

James O.
Pittsburgh, PA
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