svs mts 01speaker

I am searching for speakers for my ht and stereo room.Looking at possibly updating my subs and came across these speakers by svs .Has anyone heard them or have knowledge of these or their entry level line the sts 01.
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Im not sure if many have heard these since its an online dealer blind purchase with little buzz. Id like to see SVS make some full range large speakers using there ultra powered subs! :)

I was surprised they made smaller speakers, and yet got on the map for there coffin sized INSANELY good bang for buck subs. Honestly, I think they missed there market.
In that price range Ascend Acoustics are the better choice for speakers. The SBS sounds like SVS got it about 80% right in trying to copy the original Ascend 170. The present 170SE is a big step up. But, for a sub company with no experience making speakers the SBS was a pretty good start for them and a nice value.
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