SVS Cylinder Subs - WAF

I am considering buying the SVS Ultra Cylinder Sub. However, I have never seen them in person. Any comments on their appearance? I like them because of the small footprint.

I bought one of these babies ten months ago but it's not quite such a "baby". When it arrived I was a bit surprised that it was not quite as slim as it looks on their web site.

Kinda looks like a tall oil black drum. But I didn't care because I live alone! Pet Approval Factor never crossed my mind. It's big. No doubt about it.

But the performance for the price cannot be matched. Room shaking booms in movies and delicate lows in music to die for. An excellant product with top notch customer service.

Take the plunge.
I looked at those also. I took a peice of cardboard and rolled it to the diameter and height of the sub, as given on the website. Not exactly a small footprint. I then mocked one up, again out of cardboard, to match the dimensions of one of their box subs. The box was actually easier for me to place. In fact, I'm using it as a small table, with a thin piece of marble on top of the sub. I used iso-pods under the marble, to help keep the bone rattling vibration from shaking my scotch off of it.
Oh jeeez! The footprint is the problem here and the PC wins hands down. The altitude might be a deal breaker.

I mocked a projection screen a couple years ago and I thought it looked ridiculous.

Ended up being too small....he..he.

BTW I lust over a taste of Johnnie Walker Blue. Never been there.

Didja know that vat has never been empty?
Small footprint?

They are huge. My frind bought one. It looked like a carpeted 55 gallon drum in the corner. It is big. And so is its performance. If you are worried about footprint you may want to look at one of the box models. They also just released a series of sealed boxes that are even smaller.

I like big speakers so I like the SVS. They are musical and articulate. They play deep. And I think they do one thing better than anyone. They allow easy placement. Stick it in any corner. Walk around. These things load up almost everywhere you go. Most front firing subs are much more critical concerning placement.
I bought a PC12 to mate with a pair of CLS'. Seems folks are exaggerating the size a bit. Sure it's vertical, but it has a small footprint as far as I'm concerned. It's similar to having a double sized tube trap in the corner.

The SVS is the most impressive sub I've heard anywhere near its price range. I was about to pull the trigger on a Genesis 928 at more than twice the cost. But after reading user feedback on these I decided to take the plunge to see what all the fuss was about. Sometimes it's best to roll the dice and follow your intuition. I'm glad I did for the sub does everything I need it to do.

I've got it connected right off my amp into its x-over and in that configuration it's about as seamless a blend with electrostats as I've ever had, which is no small feat for stat' panels are pretty quick.

Your wife would approve of this, but advise her it's carpeted therefore it'll be one more thing she'll have to vacuum. On second thought, give her a break and you do it, you've got 2 hands. Enjoy!