Svetlanta really going under?

Eric Barbour posted at Audio Asylum that the future of certain vacuum tube manufacturers is questionable. He stated that the prices will need to drastically rise. i think that he suggested a price of $250.00 for their 6L6! Is this tube really going to out perform my Genelex KT-66? You can buy the KT-66 from most reputable tube dealers for around $100.00 to $125.00 each. Eric puts most of the blame on the guitar manufacturers, stating that they are too cheap. His letter sounds desparate, taking many cheap shots at audiophiles, OEM manufacturers, and calling us "Jerks". It is a must-read. Once again, it's at in the tube section. Check it out. So, is it really that expensive to build new tubes? That you have to charge $250.00 for a 6L6? (Think it's worth twice what my Genelex KT-66 cost?)
I saw the article you mentioned. He is the jerk! I haven't seen anything from Svetlana that comes close to the GOOD NOS tubes. Why do they want MORE money for their mediocre tubes than the GOOD NOS? Hey Eric, here's the deal, make something better, THEN demand the price! Until then, good luck.
I wish you had not posted that header. If you care at all about your hobby, promote it instead of trying to read between the lines. New guys mis-understand and may never experience the magic of tubes. There have always been hiccups in supply from every source of tubes in every country. It's life and not something to worry about. The demand is there, and that's what counts. What he is trying to say in the article is this: A Genelex KT66 was about $10 in 1970. I had a 1972 Chevy Nova in high school, and new it was $3200 as I recall. The same car now would be about $15000...up almost 5 times inflation adjusted. After importing and duties, advertising, wharehousing, warranty, tooling, insurance, etc tubes are really too cheap. I have supplied MI (Music Industry) which is by far the largest buyer of audio tubes......dwarfing high end. And they are pretty frugal. I wish Eric had not posted it to an area where there may not be an understanding of all the dynamics. It should be addressed to the principles of the companies that buy tubes...the end user is only harmed by needless fear, as evidenced on audio asylum and possibly here.
Sorry Kevin, I really do care about the industry, but after reading the comments of Mr Barbour, I was concerned. I believe that supply of NOS tubes is running low, and that we really do NEED to support the current manufacturers. If the tubes out-perform the NOS that we are all so cherish, then the price matter probably wouldn't matter to the (High End audio) end user. I can't think of too many folks driving around that Nova that you mentioned. The newer cars ARE better, and people are willing to pay the price difference. His actions/words have caused the concern. Perhaps it was the delivery. My experience as a saleman is that people say and do deparate things when placed under pressure. MY post wasn't detrimental to the industry, nor the future of your business. (There are other manufacturers out there, and I don't see them posting the same veiw). In my opinion, Svetlana makes a great product. If they need to raise the prices, that's fine with me. If the prices excede the prices of the cherished NOS tubes, then the product will have to be great as well.
Svetlana only closes their California Office. Don't try calling the 800 number, it is disconnected. The Huntsville (main) office is still open. The Manufacturing plant in Russia is doing well!!! Sad to see Eric lose his job. He was a wonderful spokesman.
Speaking of, has anyone tried their el-34 'mullard copy' tubes. I am thinking of putting some in my conrad-johnson mv-50. It has siemens/dynacos in it right now.