Svetlana vs Electro-Harmonix EL-34 tubes

I need to re-tube my modified ST-70 outputs. Any thought on Electro-Harmonix versus Svetlana EL-34 tubes?
I found that the Svet's had a slightly more detailed high end when used in an EAR 834 integrated amp.
I prefer that Electo-Harmonix. They are more dynamic and detailed in the midrange--a little less tubby sounding than the Svetlana. This was in Cary 40M signatures.
i have also cary 40M monoblocks.
i tested a lot of EL34 brands
The svetlana and the chinese shunguang where for me the
best new production sounding El-34 tubes.
The cary produce some huming even with matched tubes.
With the shuguangs they where complitely silent.
By the way are you happy with the sound of the 40M?
I found for my self that bass extension is not Top...
Any comment?