Svetlana KT88 is good for Power 2?

I shall change the tubes on my Power 2,and i wish prove the Svetlana KT88.
Is true that sometimes these work bad and can break the ampl?
Any tube can arc or go bad. When tubes are tested & burned in, the likelihood of this happening is much less. Svetlana had some problems with some of the older versions of the KT-88.

Power 2 owners really like the Svet KT-88 in their amps. Any tube that arcs will usually blow out a plate or screen resistor. This is more common than many people realize, and is easily fixed by soldering in a new resistor. Then you are up and running again. This is just something you have to deal with if you want to own a tube amp.
Ilbiffo,I use the Svetlana KT88's in my power 3 se's and they sound very good. It is my understanding that the 6550 tube is in general a more reliable tube but the KT88 produces more power and has a somewhat warmer sound. I agree with Kevziek in that all tube amps will require periodic attention due to tube failures etc. The tube that sounds best will depend on the other parts of your system and listener preference.
Another option could be Electro Harmonix Kt-88s. Thise are the choice for Rogue 88 owners (they're in the Magnum version). You can get a matched quad for about $100.00.