Svetlana 572-3 tube---Still available?

does anyone know if there is a source to purchase these tubes?

I am thinking about buying an amp which uses this tube and have found no online store which have them.

I also heard that Svetlana no longer is making these
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Hello, I used to own the Cary 572 monoblocks. They sounded great, but I eventually sold them because It was virtually impossible to find the 572 tube at a decent price. It has been discontinued and only Svetlana made them. I did get a quote from Cary to modify the amps to accept other tube types, but they wanted $ 800.00 for the mods...I think Cary should offer a moderatly priced modification on these. All of us who paid dearly for the 572 amps are left with little choice but to bite the bullet on affordability. Furthermore, I went through 2 sets of tubes in no time at all, as I found them to be unreliable (maybe it was the amps who knows). As I said, the 572 sound nice, just make sure you have the cash to put up with the 572 tubes that are becoming rare and expensive. I'll take the mundane and inexpensive EL 34, KT 88, or 6550 tube any day over the 572. Not single-ended designs, but close enough...Funny thing, these amps never sold for more than $ 1,100- $ 1,200 tops in the last 3 years on the used market, when the tubes were readily available. Now all of a sudden, I see some listed for $ 1,600 !!! What's the catch here, it's actually HARDER AND MORE EXPENSIVE to get these discontinued 572 tubes ? Why pay even more than before for all this trouble?

Good luck !
There was a reliability problem with them as they had a life expectancy of about 6-12 months. I know, I had Cary 572 monoblocks. Sounded great, lots of power, SET clarity and realness, but I went through 2 sets of power tubes in 1 1/2 years. Have no idea if still being made and the whole thing is a shame - damn good sounding amps.
Also had the Cary 572 Monos with same tube issues. My understanding is the 572 is out of production but Cary may still have them available.
thanks for confirming what I had suspected...

I too owned the Cary 572 monos...i wasn't bowled over by them....

I was thinking about a VIVA Sintesi amp which uses the same output tube but will have to pass, don't want to be stuck with an amp w/o output tubes
surprisingly i called the dealer who is selling the amp and he directed me to NewSensor who lists this tube as available @$60 a tube. I tried to call them to see if this is a situation where they haven't updated their website, and of course i was thrown into a voice mail hell....
The 572 lists being available on the site which is a local electronics distributor here in metro PHX. They list for 58.80 ea and are Svetlana brand.
RHLjazz--that is for the 572-30, not the 572-3, I believe they are different and in the Cary at least are not compatible.
Have you inquired at Cary, Justlisten to confirm that this is the case? I would also check with the tube seller, it may just be a typo.
It's likely not a typo. There were 3 versions of the tube, 572-3, 572-30, and 572-160. The second number specified the mu (Gain) of the tube. on the -3 is useful as an output tube. All 3 types are no longer made, AFAIK. These have been in short supply for some time now.

Old thread, but Cary & New Sensor (headquarters is on Long Island) both have the tube. New Sensor was easy to get to via the phone and stated they had almost 1000 of the 572-3 in stock. $300 for a pair. About a year is all you get from a tube in my experience. Too bad. Nice sounding and very powerful at 20wpc.