Sutherland PH3D

How good is the Sutherland PH3D phono stage for either MM or MC cartridges?

I'm looking at using it with the following carts:
- Rega Exact 2 MM
- Dynavector DV-20X Low MC
- Lyra Delos MC
I have used the PH3D with the Dyna DV-20X on my old Aries TT. It sounded quite good as I recall. The Sutherland phono stages provide an absolutely jet black, quiet background. Excellent build quality as well. Highly recommended
I agree with every word Br3098 says for Sutherland products. The PH3d is a great stage and the older models are great as well. Sutherland also has great re-sale value so you could try it and then easily re-sell without buyer's remorse, if it doesn't mate well with your cart.
It's the phono stage that I decided to keep even after upgraded to more expensive ones. It's very neutral and can boogie very well. It doesn't have the sort of detail or liveliness of the dearer ones but nevertheless very very good at its price point.