Sutherland LPS making sound thin?

Recently picked up a new LPS for my 20/20. Wasn’t sure what to expect the LPS to add/subtract from the sound but it seems like the background is quieter. It also seems like the mids and midbass is a little thinner.


curious if this is the sound or maybe it needs more hours on it or…?


id like to hear about experiences adding a LPS to an existing 20/20.


@gochurchgo Nice! Do revisit the settings after the break in. For me, while my 20/20 with LPS was going thru break in, 100ohm sounded best. However after the break in, 200ohm is where I’m at and prefer it to 100ohm (thanks to @rvpiano for posting his thoughts on switching from 100ohm to 200ohm which encouraged me to revisit the settings). We both use Hana ML though.


Maybe you need to let the 20/20 burn in for a few good months or have a look at the changing the power suply  I  have been using the fantastic Sutherland hubble battery powered phono stage no bleaching mids or thin highs. If you can find one that is the way to go with regards playing vinyl records stay away from the unforgiving mains supply !