Sutherland Insight vs Sutherland 20/20 for VPI Scout 1.1

Due to limited height constraints, I've decided to buy a VPI Scout 1.1 instead of the Classic 1 (2" difference). I'm trying to decide if I'd have a substantially better system with the Sutherland 20/20 over the Insight ($800 difference). The other components in the system are Ayre v-5xe amp, Ayre k-5xe pre and Aerial Acoustics 7t speakers. With a high quality MC cartridge will the Insight be more than adequate for the Scout or would I be better served with the 20/20?
You might want to ask this question to Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio as he sells both VPI and Sutherland. I have your turntable and a Sutherland PH3D and experiencing good results.
I would guess that the Insight would be adequate. The 20/20 has more gain though and uses two wall-wart outboard power supplies, which I personally strongly dislike.
I have Sutherland designed Acoustech phono and it is an excellent one. But I use MM cartridge so can't comment on MC performance.