Sutherland 20/20 v Manley Chinook

My current set-up is a VPI Classic 1 turntable with a Lyra Delos cartridge, and my phono stage is a Dynavector P75. I'd like to upgrade my phono stage - my budget is $2000. I've read great things about both the Sutherland 20/20 and the Manley Chinook.

Any thoughts on those two? Any others I should consider in my price range?

I owned the Chinook and then an opportunity to purchase a Steelhead presented itself. I would say the Chinook is about 85%-90% the overall sonic performance of the Steelhead, without the tops and whistles, of course. I have not heard the Sutherland. I tend to prefer robust power supplies for components. Manley incorporates White cathode follower circuitry to keep things very dynamic, and in that regard the Chinook excels. Also, it is dead quiet for a tubed stage.
Yes, look for a used Herron VTPH-1 MC. That will be tough to beat at under $2K.
I second the Herron. That's exactly what I upgraded my P75 MK3 to about 7 months ago. It's fantastic. You can also listen to the Allnic H1201 which a few of my friends have purchased over the Chinook after home trials. I think the Herron is pretty hard to beat in the $1500 used range. You can buy used and send it back to Keith and he'll go through it for like $120 and return it to you as new. Great company.
I'm in the same ballpark for a phono pre and the VTPH-1 (one for sale here now), the Allnic H1201, and Sutherland are all high on my radar as well. I'd also mention there's a Parasound JC3 for sale here that could be interesting as well. Best of luck.
I may be in the same boat soon, still recovering from an amp purchase. I would be replacing a Heed Quasar in my second system, no slouch by the way. The Heed may be worth checking out if you end up short on cash. One more you may want consider is K @ K. I think Kevin builds the Non-maxxed version for around $1700 w/ MM or $2000 MM/MC. Then of course you always have the option to send it back for the Maxxed out upgrade. I admit I've never heard it, but many here have praised it. I have seen it used in some very nice setups.
Sutherland has been around for neons, but IMO, you don't hear much about them. I wonder if anyone would chime in , and describe the tonal balance.
Perhaps the OP may be interested as well. I believe the Manley is a hybrid, if I am not mistakenÂ…?
I've had the K&K, Chinook, and the Zesto. I thought the Allnic H1201 was widely better than the K&K and Chinook. I also preferred it to the Zesto.
I would pick almost any of those over the Sutherland, which is lacking in dynamics and attack.