Sutherland 20/20 Experience & Thoughts

I'm interested in the Sutherland 20/20 phone stage and would appreciate any thoughts from owners as to how quiet it is and of course sound quality and any other thoughts concerning it
and comparisons (+/-) to other phono stages previously used.
Thanks for any feedback and help in my quest for a new phono stage.
Not really sure if this phono stage ever made it to the market. There was a lot of hype when it was announced but after that nothing was heard of it ever again.
It did make it to the market and has been reviewed by TAS,
Stereophile and others. I have read all the reviews out there
on this phono stage but was hoping to try to get some feedback from either owners or members who have heard it.
Having it reviewed doesn't mean it is actually selling. I know a distributor who tried to get/buy a 20/20. After trying for a long time without result he gave up on the brand.
Go to and look at phono preamp under Sutherland. They list it as in stock.
Sorry I spelled the website incorrectly it should be: