SUT to MM cable? what should i get? cable mis-match

So I took thee plunge on the advice of some very helpful audiogoners and decided against the FR step up transformer. I decided to first try out an Entre ET-100 as it has inputs for 3 arms with difference impedence settings.

My question is this, having regard to the arms and cables i have acquired. I have a :

- HELIUS OMEGA with a silver cryo cable which goes from tags to plugs.
- FR64
- Moerch DP6
- Mission/Jelco
I have a few different cables available to me:
1. Nordost Tyr
2. Cardas Golden Reference
3. TCI
4. Townshend

What kind of cable do i need from SUT to mm stage - tonearm cable? normal shielded interconnect?

Silver or copper? - length? Any specific specs - ie low capacitance???
@lohanimal I have an Entre Et 100 as yours , and very happy with it, actually I bought it from Raul a couple of years ago,  I also have two turntables and 3 arms so its very convenient. My only recommendation (and actually was Raul,s ) is to rewire internally with better more recent shielded cables.  In my case i did it with discovery cable plus 4 and very happy with the results. the technician that did the Job told me that the selectors and transformers inside are top notch even by today standards. Another friend of mine also bought one from a seller in Japan and had it rewired by Steven Leung of VAS and is very happy with the results.  BTW Entre was a company led by back then by Matsudaira San of My Sonic labs.  Enjoy,
When I needed to decide which phono-pre to buy one of my
conditions was two inputs for the two tonearms I use by my
Kuzma Stabi reference. Next to ASR Basis Exclusive which
consist of two separate but identical pre-amps there was one
other German phono-pre in tube like construction which got
very good reviews .  I forget the name but there were two
version one of which was fully symmetrical. I noticed, uh, 
''only one input'' on its back side and wrote to the manufacturer
asking ''obvious question'' if they would be so kind to make
one additional input for me. To my big surprise the designer&
owner refused refused to do so. According to him this would
''ruin'' the performance . So I bought Basis Exclusive on which
I connected Reed 3P in ''balanced mode'' with 100 Ohm and
the other , Sumiko 800 in , say, RCA way, with 500 Ohm.
I hope dover will be so kind to again comment on my choice.
BTW my FR SUT choice was based on Dertonarm's advice .
He was a kind of ''our authority'' regarding anything FR's.
@cardani how did you manage to wire the inside with interconnect?
@lohanimal Send me an inbox with your email and i and send you a picture. Its fits very tight , but can be done.