SUT to MM cable? what should i get? cable mis-match

So I took thee plunge on the advice of some very helpful audiogoners and decided against the FR step up transformer. I decided to first try out an Entre ET-100 as it has inputs for 3 arms with difference impedence settings.

My question is this, having regard to the arms and cables i have acquired. I have a :

- HELIUS OMEGA with a silver cryo cable which goes from tags to plugs.
- FR64
- Moerch DP6
- Mission/Jelco
I have a few different cables available to me:
1. Nordost Tyr
2. Cardas Golden Reference
3. TCI
4. Townshend

What kind of cable do i need from SUT to mm stage - tonearm cable? normal shielded interconnect?

Silver or copper? - length? Any specific specs - ie low capacitance???
It alllows switch carts and impedenced
@nandric I can use one sut with three inputs for 3 arms that means 3 cartridges - i have one turntable with two arms and one with a single arm next to one another - they can use the SUT. I am a bit puzzled with how you think i made an incorrect choice given that amongst those recommended was an Entre over and above an FR. I did indicate that i wanted a multi input SUT, otherwise i would have just got a switch box

lohanimal, Well I owned FR- frt 3 and 5 with switches. By inspecting
their inside construction I have seen more soldering points then
by any tonearm with removable headshell.  What is more I got advice
from our ''old member'' Dertonarm who preferred FR ''everything''
above any other products. He advised FR- XF-1 (L)  which he used
himself. But my problem was that I own MC carts with different
impedances such that I would need all 3 (+ m and h kinds) . 
I also own Kiseki step-up (low impedance) made by Kondo san
(AudioNote) for his friend Van den Dungen. However I use step-up
only for my Ortofon MC 2000 with 0.05 mV. My phono-pres can
drive all other MC carts . So my advice is based on my own experience . 
 As should be the case with all advices. 
I see your preference is based on your ''comfort'' instead on
''optimal results''. Sorry for my misinterpretation. 
In my opinion a line level preamp with at least 4 inputs is a must have, then we can use various phono stages and SUTs to connect them to the line level preamp where we can switch between 4 inputs. 

SUT or MM phono stage can be very small and to find what's the best we have to try many. 

With 2 turntables and 4 tonesrms i am happy with Pass Aleph L pream with 4 inputs where i can connect all my phonostages (with or without SUTs or Headamps) to switch between 4 tonearms. 
Dear chakster, How many tonearms and cartridges our members
own according to you? ''at least 4 inputs is a must have''? 
Must have for what?