SUT solution for multiple tonearm turntable

Hello, I have a turntable (Micro RX3000) that has multiple tonearms and I was wondering what other similar multiple tonearm or multiple turntable users do re connecting all their tonearms to SUTs or phono stages. Do you run a separate SUT for each arm or do you plug and unplug each time you want to listen thru a differnet arm? I have seen some SUTs which accept three inputs (eg Fidelity Research FRT-5) but is there another way? I have seen Luxman with their AS-4 which accepts 4 RCA inputs - would this work in between multiple tonearms and a single SUT/phono stage or would I run into capacitance problems and/or degaradtion of signal path etc.?
Even with several inputs, the SUT normally works only with one. Or you have a SUT with an input selector.
If you care about optimum performance then SUT/cartridge matching is critical. Using a single SUT with different LOMC's is a serious compromise unless you change resistors every time. It's certainly do-able, I used to do it, but it's inconvenient and even with resistor swapping the gain ratio may not be right if your cartridges have very different output levels.

An SUT with multiple inputs would need switchable resistors on each input and perhaps seperate windings for each input (again, depending on the ouput levels of your cartridges). I don't know if the Luxman (or any SUT) provides that flexibility, but without it all you'd gain over a single SUT is convenience - the performance of most LOMC's would be compromised.

The easiest solution is an active MC phono stage with:
- switchable impedance (important, though less critical than with SUT's),
- multiple inputs (a convenience, not a necessity)
- adjustable gain (likewise).

Quite a few phono stages meet these criteria, at various performance and price levels.