SUT Opinions

Looking for SPU users experience with SUT.
I have recently acquired an SPU Royal G Mkii and before I spend $$$ want to get an idea on what SPU owners are using.

System is as follows:
Miyajima EC-5 Preamp
Thorens TD-124 Mkii fully updated
Ortofon RMG 309i tonearm
Ortofon TA-210 tonearm
SME 10 Turntable w/SME 10 Tonearm 
Pass Labs X-260.8 Amplifiers
Esoteric N-05 Streamer(Dac not used)
Ypsilon Dac-100
True Sound Works Apogee Duetta
Shunyata Denali T
Audience AU24 se speaker and interconnects
Shunyata Alpha and Cardas Golden Reference power cables
Billy Bags Pro Series rack
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Dear @cfarrow  : Why do you think or want a SUT? Do you already test the SPU in your EC-5?

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

The MM inputs in the OPs preamp will provide adequate gain for the 0.2mv output on that SPU
Dear @jperry  : I knew thaT AND THAT'S PRECISEILY WHY i'M ASKING HIM.

38db from the MM stage provides enough gain for a .2mv cartridge? 
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