SUT into MM input section of Solid State Phono Stage


I was wondering if any of you have experimented with using your Step Up Transformer into the moving magnet section of your solid state phono stage?

If so...

what was the step up ratio you used?
what was the mV output of the cartridge you used?
which solid state phono stage did you use?
did you find that the SUT into the MM section sounded better than just using the moving coil input without an SUT?

I ask because I just experimented with using my Tango SUT into the MM section of my solid state Forte FP-1 and have found that I prefer that over just using the MC section of the Forte.

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@no_regrets  : "  what you are experienced is something that happens to often and depends mainly of the quality level design of the active high gain stage in the phono stages and not because it's better the SUT/MM combination. "

So sometimes sounds better with the SUT sometimes not. Even that your unit was designed by Threshold is an entry level and obviously not the best active high gain design and that's why your frefer the SUT.

Yes, I know that my Forte is not a State of the Art phono stage.  I had bought it to be used just as a backup for my main phono stage.  I never thought of the Forte as being bad, but I was certainly cognizant that there are much better available.

However, when I hooked up my Tango SUT to the moving magnet section, I was simply amazed at how much nicer this combo sounded than simply using the MC section on it's own.  What an incredible difference!  It still doesn't compete with my Tango/Artemis Labs Ph-1 tubed phono combo, but man... I have to say I was shocked.

So this experiment just made me wonder if anyone here has tried it themselves (using your SUT into a solid state phono).... you might be surprised at what you hear.

I think most people probably use their SUT into the moving magnet section of their tubed phono I as do.  Anyhow, was just wondering.

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@no_regrets Yes , i have used a Entre ET100 SUT wiith a Roksan Reference phono which is solid state op amp based and i prefer it better than through the MC setting in this phono stage.
Not sure why do you think most people use tube phono stages? I think you are wrong. I’ve been using SUT only with Solid State phono stages. I must say that current-injection phono stages are much more impressive than SUTs and MM phono.
What must be matched between a SUT and the cartridge is the SUT gain to the cartridge output level, this is the main issue and not impedance loading.Any SUT with the rigth gain can works with any cartridge with the adequated output level it does not matters its impedances.

This is at best misleading.  I agree 100% that the sole purpose of the turns ratio is level matching.   It is best to match a SUT for both step up ratio and cartridge impedance.  Taking the two extremes of a 2Ω and a 40Ω, a 2Ω cartridge feeding a SUT designed for 40Ω will have bass response down to the single digits and show a pronounced resonant peak at some point (hopefully) above the audio range.  Going the other direction and using a SUT intended for a 2Ω source with a 40Ω cartridge will result in inadequate low and  (possibly) high frequency response.