Suspicous Speaker Auction ?

I just participated in a speaker auction, this brand speaker is highly rated and was being auctioned by a dealer, as I bid it seemed that I would hit a lever and it would stay there for awile and then take a big jump, I bowed out at 50% of list and the winning bid was only $20 higher, anyway I had a funny feeling about this auction, 2 days after the auction was over the dealer contacted me and said the winning bidder had defaulted and that I could have the speakers, this kind of confirmed my suspicions, I don't want to name names as I may be way off base here, but I am wondering if any others have had similar experiences ?
Last year I had a similar experience. No names mentioned, but contact me at if you wish. Jim.
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Forward the pertinent information to Audiogon. They can track the IP addresses as to who placed the bids, etc... Believe it or not, Arnie and the others are trying to do their best to make this site as enjoyable and reliable as possible. In order to do this, they need to know about unethical members or dealers. The only way that anybody will ever know for sure if these situations are "shill bidding" is to do some follow-ups. Do us all a favor and take the time to make them aware of what happened. Sean
I was once in an eBay auction for a car when the same thing happened. In my case the "winning bidder" retracted with 5 minutes left after bidding the car up. I complained about this "shill bidding" (which is very illegal) and to my surprise eBay caught the guy and barred him. Please take Sean's advice and get the IP address tracked. If the shill is smart, he used a different computer, if he's not ... well hopefully Agon can find him. And if the IP is from a different city, well then you might want to take the speakers. --Lorne
I just had this happen to me and I was about 4th lowest bidder. That make this even more suspect unless they contacted 3 others ahead of me and they all declined. Samski: Was this on a pair of monitors in Burly Maple?