Suspended Ceiling recommendations

I'm building a dedicated sound room in my basement. Carpet covered cement floor, sheetrock/plastered walls and a suspended ceiling. Anyone know of recommended brands that work best in an audio room. The room is 15 x 21 x 7.6. Thanks
Hello. The suspended ceiling's framing should be non flexible or it will resonate. Have you ever seen Everest's "Master Handbook of Acoustics?" It is quite readable and there are sections dealing with just about everything. Also, you might try a search on under "acoustics" where you will find titles that speak to designing studios and listening rooms. Good luck! Charlie
Hey: If you would like you could e-mail me and I could give you not only recommendations on your ceiling, but on your walls too. I am a builder with the knowledge of A/V which most builders do not. I just did a dedicated home theater for a customer and it turned out awesome.
Charlie's suggestion of F. Alton Everest's books is right on. He has several different books on the subject. If you are REALLY serious about setting up a room, i would highly recommend investing in one of these books. While the book may seem initially expensive, think of it as a MASSIVE amount of "tweaks". In that respect, it is phenomenally cheap and the results ARE both quite "measurable" and "audible" with no guesswork involved. Sean
another vote for Charlie´s and Sean recommendation!!!
The suspended ceiling rigidity will affect bass room response, if resonant or "loose" will absorb low frequency energy yielding a softened and sometimes weird room response.