Survey:What Speakers Do You Want To Demo in Store?

If you had carte blanche to select what demo speakers a dealer would display, what lines would you like to be able to hear? Magnepan is a given, but what else? Please try to avoid super speakers in the astronomical price category; I'm looking for real world products under 10k. What do you guys want to hear?
To me, its far more important that a dealer knows how to set up the equipment they have, more than anything else. I hear great speakers sounding bad in most audio stores.
I would want to have speakers available that had very different sounds. There isn't much point in two speakers that sound nearly the same unless there are a lot of speakers in stock. I think something like Paradigm or Focal (my personal favorite) on one end and something like a Spendor on the other end to provide warm vs. bright as I think most people lean one way or the other. Also, maggies provide a different technology and sound that would be a beneficial addition.

The brands listed are just some example from my listening experience, but I know the concept would appeal to me.
Audiokenesis, Ref 3A, Merlin, daedalus, devore.
Mordaunt-Shorts, all sizes.
Upper high end Avalon and Rockport speakers would be my choices.
Raidho, Evolution Acoustics, and Vapor Audio would all be on my short list.
Dali, Magico, Egglestonworks, Bryston.
Great question. Perhaps there are some potential dealers reading this. Around Boston, it's hard to hear Evolution Acoustics, Tannoy, Avant Guarde, and Eggleston. Those would be very welcome. The problem is that there are just so many brands and so few dealers. At least many other speakers can be auditioned around here. Turntables, tonearms and cartridges are another matter entirely.
Tannoy, Gallo, Pioneer (Andrew Jones-designed), MBL, Tekton, KEF, Salk, Magnepan, Golden Ear, and Avant Garde. This would give one a wide range of prices and design briefs...

IMO, Zd542 and Peter make very fair points. Auditioning speakers, indeed most gear, is a daunting task. As Zd ... says - equipment set-up is key, especially when looking to compare speakers. And the reverse is also true. And what about electrical compatibility between speakers and amps.

Peter's point is also very valid. So many speaker brands and so few B&M stores.

I am probably going to stick with what I have right now, except for tweaks. But, ... I am curious about how different speakers would work with my system. Frankly, I haven't a clue where to start or how to ascertain whether a particular speaker of interest would even work well with my gear, which is all tube.

For example, two speaker brands that I have in mind supposedly work best when driven by a high current SS amp. Will a 150 wpc tube amp have enough juice?? How can I possibly know unless I do a live audition at a store that is set up to drive the speakers with a tube amp like mine.

It should only be that these are the worst problems we have. Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Bruce, I would think that a 150 wpc tube amp would be quite sufficient. Audiogon member "dopogue" uses an EL34 (I *think*) tube amp to drive his Gallo speakers to *very* satisfactory levels.

One thing though, his amp is a custom-built jobbie with massive transformers. This gives him ample current supply, a must, IMHO, for getting good bass from your speakers.

You might want to ping Dave (dopogue) and get his thoughts...

Keeping it at $10k or less here goes...

Martin Logan-Montis-Has ML solved the woofer/panel continuity?
Lenehan Audio-ML2 Reference-A large stand mount with Dueland caps/resistors, but how does it sound?
KEF-R900-How close is it to the mighty 207/2?
JBL-LSR 6332-Can a great pro monitor be implemented in a true HEA system?
Evolution Acoustic-MM Micro 1-Would love to hear what all the hype is about!
Axiom-M80v3-Is this the Mid/Fi secret weapon?
KEF, Harbeth, Revel, Vivid, Joseph Audio, Vandersteen, Audiokinesis, Daedalus, Aerial, Paradigm or PSB. If you had all of those lines, I'd fly in and stay for a few days.
Pushing the envelope on price, I'd say Tannoy and klipsch Palladium.
I admit I am lusting due her dress as she is hot in walnut but I want to audition Sonus Faber Olympica. I am actually going to try next weekend and I will be checking out Martin Logan at the same shop. I am starting over again and love Dynaudio so much but I sold my rig and with anything new I want to try something different to be different.

Those Sonus Faber look beyond georgeous but how do we sound?
I agree with Mceljo. The key is the mix of options. In my area there is one good audio dealer, and he has a fair mix, and a good attitude in terms of helping the customer choose. That is a rarity from what I hear. But obviously he can't carry all 'flavors'. New speakers are on my radar, and I would like to put ears to some of the ideas and philosophies I read about to determine what I like. No way to do it without racking up the frequent flyer miles, though. High on my list right now are Aerial and Revel, although I'm interested in some of the new-to-me tweeter options as well.
I would like to hear Merlin,Aerial,Soundlab,Legacy and the new Lawrence audio speakers.