surround speakers, which ones?

building a 7.1 setup,looking for a good left and right surround,not back rear speakers.i prefer a stand mounted speaker.powerfull but yet refined.i'am told the b&w 602 S2 are excellent for this purpose.looking for other recommendations,max cost $1000 a pair.thank you.
The B&W 602s are very good. They list for $600. If you want to spend $1000 the CDM-1 are even better.
If one has a choice ; get the same brand as your fronts,by all means. At Audiogon this is posible,yes?
What I think George is saying is the same brand (Example: B&W 600 series 2) will voice (sound) the same all around, because they share the same tweeter, and basic design. This is important to many videophiles.